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Lil'buds, or little buds, breast comfort packs are a simple and natural way to relieve breast pains associated with clogged ducts and mastitis.  Environmentally friendly, 100% cotton, their slim profile allows you to wear them in your nursing tank or bra while resting or nursing.  Allowing mama and baby to have a soothing breastfeeding experience. 

An Interview with Lauren Roth


An Interview with Lauren Roth

Portland Law

It's been a dream of mine to create a Hawaii-inspired fabric unique to Lil'buds Breast Comfort Packs.  So when the time came to choose our first artist collaboration, I knew Lauren was the perfect fit.   For a while, I had been admiring her work, and when we met the first time it just seemed a natural fit.  We ended up going with some of her first designs, because they just just THAT good! 

Lauren's Seashell print features different tropical shells in a black and white print.  It's classic, timeless, and tropical all at the same time.  We hope you are just as smitten as we are! 


In between both of our busy schedules we finally found a moment to sit down and with Lauren to talk about her art, inspiration, and love of Hawaii.   

How is it that you came to call Hawaii home?

I moved to Hawaii in 2009, for a job with Whole Foods. I was working as a Store Artist for them on the East Coast, once I saw the posting for Hawaii, I knew I wanted to give it a shot. I applied for the job, and that was that! 


What do you love best about living in Hawaii?

I just love it all about Hawaii, the spirit, people, colors, everything, but there is something about the mountains. It still takes my breath away how incredible they are. Sometimes I even need to pull over when I am driving to take them all in! I also love the breeze, the sound it makes through the palms and the way it feels, so special.


Where do you get your inspiration for your artwork?

Most of my inspiration comes from the beauty that is all around out here. There are endless plants, leaves, flowers and color to take in. I usually carry around my sketchbook so I can jot things down that I see, or draw them if I have time. Although that inspires what I draw and paint, a huge part of my inspiration comes from the people around me, and the people I have met as a Freelance artist. Almost everyone is following their passion, it makes me want to continue to work hard and create beautiful things.


What was your inspiration for your collaboration with Lil’buds Breast Comfort Packs?

Usually when I meet with someone who wants to work together, I like to hear their ideas and see which pieces of mine they are drawn to. That always gives me a good idea of where to get started and what to make for them. We had a few ideas together, but landed on the seashells.  I think its so cute and different.  


Any upcoming collaborations with other brands, or gallery events, you want to share with our mothers?

I just updated my website with almost all of my products and artwork, I will have a few originals going up there soon! There are lots of cute prints and hand painted wood art that would be great for a baby’s room or new moms. I will be posting my holiday show schedule to my website soon, if anyone is interested they can give me a like on social media, or check out my website.  I did also create a design for CocoMoon, another local baby brand. She makes swaddles, a few other adorable baby accessories.

We are so happy with how our exclusive print came out - we hope it brings a little aloha your way wherever this finds you.  Happy Aloha Friday, Mama.