Seven? times clogged ducts/mastitis breastfeeding survivor - I lost count - my lil’buds brought me the relief I needed combined with my own essential oil combos that kept me from an antibiotic cocktail for the entire duration of breastfeeding!
— Brooke S.
I’m loving my lil’buds breast packs by Lillemer. They fit perfectly in my bra for soothing relief now that Eden’s teething and sometimes refuses to breastfeed. The material is super soft against my skin and hers while feeding and I love the light smell of fresh lavender.
— Carmel T.
Thank you, Lil’Buds for becoming my new favorite breastfeeding support product! The comfort packs are ideal for both mom and baby. I love the fact that I can use the Lil’Buds while I’m breastfeeding, and the babe doesn’t know it’s there. They offer such a comfort but are easy to hide and wear.
— Becca Y.